Maple Hardwood Floors – So Slick Your Dog Can't Scratch Them!

Maple Hardwood Flooring

It was three to one. My husband and kids against me. They wanted a dog. I wanted hardwood flooring. Imagine what a dog would do to my beautiful floors. Nope. No dog. There was no space for both. Or so I thought. My ingenious family decided to do a little research on what kind of flooring was best to have with a pet around. They came up with something called maple hardwood floors.

Apparently, it’s the best wood to have as flooring if you want to have a dog, or a pet at home. Maple hardwood floors are made with one of the hardest woods around and can suffer all the scratching, staining and doggy doo (and no smell is left behind if cleaned up immediately) there is! They even promised to keep the dogs nails trimmed to minimize any damage. How could I resist? I gave in to the big puppy dogs eyes (my husband included!). Let’s do it.

So, we got a contractor in, who advised us that getting Maple hardwood floors would the best, and wisest, investment we could make. It is more costly than most woods but it adds chic to the interiors and gives the whole house a touch of timeless class.

Not only that, he tells us, the wood is thick, strong and very hard and because it is close-grained it will not easily splinter. So the Maple hardwood floors will last for years and, properly looked after, it could last for over a century and more as it is pretty resistance to wear and tear.

Maple hardwood floors are low maintenance and easy to clean. All you need to do is sweep regularly mop it with a damp cloth – not a very wet one because water can stain wood if left too long on it. Health-wise too, as it doesn’t gather dust, fungus and molds, it lessens the chance of contracting allergies, and reduces it for those who suffer from allergies.

Besides, Maple hardwood floors absorb shocks and has high surface friction which makes it safer to walk on – for both the family and the dog. So the kids and play and run around without you fearing that they will fall. The dog too, he tells us, will love it as Maple hardwood floors are not as cold as other floors so comfortable to lie on.

We’ve had the Maple hardwood floors for a few years now and no complaints from me. They are everything I was told they would be. I guess you can have it all! Family, pet and hardwood flooring.

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