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Hardwood flooring has rocked the groundwork of interior designing, making homes look more elegant, rustic and pleasant to the eye, depending on the kind of wood used. The wood flooring industry has gained a good amount of the market share, making it possible to use almost any wood for flooring. Though, there are plenty of choices in hardwood flooring, the latest species that are used are becoming a trend, since they add the old world elegance. Manufacturers have moved on from the traditional use of oak floorings to exotic species that are imported from Africa, Brazil and elsewhere from the world.

Wood from species like Bamboo, Cork, Oak, Cumaru, Beech, Santos Mahogany, Teak, Walnut, and Brazilian Cherry are rapidly picking up as popular hardwood flooring choices. The hardwood floors might set the ambience of the room, giving it a different look and feel. Besides, other factors like foot traffic, purpose of room, and location should be considered since each of the hardwood floors has different benchmarks for wear and tear, resistance, moisture etc. So the hardwood materials durability, toughness, darkness have to be considered. Keeping all of this in mind, besides the ever-durable, timeless oak hardwood, hardwood floors made of Australian Cypress and Brazilian Cherry are becoming a rage.

Those who have never seen it before cannot easily spot Australian Cypress flooring. It has an earthy tone and bears a resemblance to knotty pine. This gives it an added advantage, making it balance with the furniture around the house because of its subtle brown, shadowed amber and sporadic green. The Australian Cypress hardwood flooring is much more durable and is able to hide signs of wear because of its intricate knots and swirls. In the past five to seven years, another wood species has become very popular as hardwood flooring, known as Brazilian Cherry or Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring has a different appeal from that of traditional hardwood floorings made of Oaks and Maple. It has darker shades of tan and reddish browns that will complement practically every piece of furniture in your home.

The use of Australian Cypress and Brazilian Cherry in hardwood flooring has become trendy because of their unique look. It might not agree with your tastes because of the swirls, knots and golden appearance or erratic spread of shades. This doesn't mean that these trends have to be forced in your home. There are other trends that are fast picking up like Bamboo hardwood flooring, Distressed hardwood flooring, Santos Mahogany hardwood flooring, Cumaru hardwood flooring etc. Each of these has their unique display of ambience that can add to the finesse of home interiors.

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