Engineered Hardwood can Improve the Look of Any Room

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It was long since we felt good about our house, both Bill and I had heard a lot about engineered hardwood floors. It was time to make changes in our home and had a pretty informative session with the salesman which I will now recount for you. Engineered hardwood floors, apart from being non-allergic and the adding of aesthetic and functional value to homes, (we found out from the salesman and some of our friends who are already using these floors); their innate ability to cope well with temperature changes is the principal reason for them to be in popular demand. We had also been told that compared to plain hardwood, the layering wood materials used to produce engineered hardwood is much more flexible and versatile and have more dimensional stability.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed elegantly on a defect-free sub-floor area to improve the visual appeal and look of any room by do-it-yourself house owners, for example us! The installation process is a simple affair and costs much less, compared to offloading it to a sub-contractor. I told my husband we weren’t paying an extra penny to any other man, but we were to do it ourselves! Notwithstanding its ability to bear an extraordinary amount of weight, it is in fact the principal choice for any refurnishing job (ask any man in the business and he will tell you the same!). We are homeowners that get pretty bored if there are not regular changes made in the house. The monotony aspect is well taken care by the flexibility on offer for periodic substitution, if needed, of engineered hardwood layers, when one gets tired of a particular combination of colors and textures. The wide choice of colors and textures offer infinite scope for experimentation. We didn’t wait a second longer and got started the moment Bill got all the raw materials in place. With the help of a couple of friends, we had a fun month!

Most importantly to us, we found out that engineered hardwood is more environment friendly than any other, meaning it helps conserve expensive prized wood. It is estimated that for every 1 square foot of 20 mm thick solid wood flooring manufactured, one can produce approximately 4 times that area equivalent of engineered hardwood flooring. Isn’t that amazing? We found that engineered hardwood flooring works like a charm; it’s time you found out too!

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